Phil Silver
Phil is director of business development for Urban Insights, responsible for managing industry engagement around the firm’s consulting services and technology offerings. He brings nearly 25 years’ experience of new market development in both the public and private sectors, and speaks regularly on developing new multi-modal urban mobility models that combine traveler convenience with real-time predictive demand management tools for operators and authorities.

Tapping big data to fuel smart city development

Thursday, February 04, 2016

It has become clear that the key to successfully transforming our urban areas into “smart” cities takes collaboration and support from a group of committed solution providers. Some of the best advances are coming from companies that have recognized these interdependencies and have combined their expertise in innovative ways.

Take a look at the Urbanomics Mobility Project, an innovative big data initiative that helps promote sustainable growth by relating the travel needs of citizens to the economic activity they engage in.  This project combines Urban Insights’ big data and analytics expertise, Cubic Transportation Systems’ heritage in public transportation, spending trends and insights derived from 43 billion transactions processed over the MasterCard network, and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.  Each partner brings something unique and vital to this industry collaboration.

The Urbanomics Mobility Project provides a big data platform that easily connects how people live and move around cities with how they influence the local economy. Specifically, the platform overlays merchant data on top of a city’s transportation system to determine not just how people are moving around cities, but why they’re moving. By combining the why with the how, city officials can identify patterns that have long been considered the Holy Grail of urban planners and commercial developers.

With insights such as this, opportunities abound to make cities more livable while cultivating sustainable economic growth.

We recently completed a prototype of our data analysis platform, and our goal is to partner with a major city to implement it within the next six months. Over the coming years, we aim to bring the Urbanomics Mobility Project to many cities around the globe so they, too, can harness the power of big data in groundbreaking ways.

To learn more, please see our Urban Mobility Project overview. And if you have questions, feel free to contact us at

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